Needing Your Entitled Money Now? If you are waiting for money from a lawsuit or insurance payment, you may have to wait longer than you are anticipating. Insurance companies have up to 6 months to pay out, legally. If you had a car accident, it may take some time for you to get compensated. Lawsuits - they can be worked out in many ways, many different payment plans. They might pay out in installments, or you might get paid months from now. Your lawsuit could even take months to settle, or months to get over the appeals - perhaps even years. The lawyers from the other side may be using this strategy to try to force you to settle early for less.

You have an option - get an advance on your pending lawsuit or insurance payment. This can buy you time by giving you and your attorney more time to fight your case for its full worth. It can give you money now to pay bills that are piling up. You can be less stressed and get those creditors off your back, or allow you to get needed medical attention, or perhaps pay for a vacation you have committed to (yes, some people have taken an advance for this purpose, knowing there was enough in the settlement to do this).

NO funding in CO (unless $75K minimum request), MD, NC, AK, KY or IL, and other states as they may decide. Advance funding is prohibited in these states.

Don't get pressured into settling early for less - your case worth should not be discounted just because you can't wait for the settlement. Take out enough of an advance to get you by until you can get back on your feet, and to allow you to get the pressure off of you - the other attorney can sense when you are getting desperate. With an advance, you need not feel or be seen as desperate to settle.

If you have exhausted other options of getting money, you can apply for a lawsuit advance. No one in your family or circle of friends need know you are in need of money, and no straining relationships by asking for a loan. No bank loan process to go through - taking an advance against your lawsuit or insurance payment is a much easier, faster, and more streamlined process.

Lawsuit funding advances can be fast (as fast as 1-5 days), and at no risk to you (if your case doesn't settle or win, you don't have to pay back the advance, known as non-recourse). This is a better option than a bank loan - faster, easier, and at a lower cost.

About The Author:
P. Roe is a funding agent who ethically helps people in need. Although concentrating on advancing funds for insurance and lawsuit payments, she does look at other funding options.
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