Settlement funding and pre-settlement advance funding is available (not for all types of cases, however). If you have no other financial options, then you need to understand that your projected settlement amount will be less than you envision. If you can live with that, and need the money in order to get over a tough financial time, then we will work with you to get your lawsuit funding advance.

A lawsuit advance can help you to fight your lawsuit so you need not settle for less than you are entitled. When you are in debt - you may be pressured to take less than your case is worth - and the attorneys can sense this, pushing you to settle fast and for less. An advance can help you get the financial pressure off and take time to wait for your entitled money.

Pre-settlement funding can seem expensive - it is non-recourse, meaning if your case does not settle, then you do not pay it back - the risk is on us. This means - ask only for what you need, not for what you want. Rates have come down - in the past, it has cost up to 15% per month (not from us), but we can now offer a much better and lower rate.

Right now we can offer competitively low rates

OPTIONS ON TERMS - Funding terms may change from time to time (though nothing will change on your funding advance once you sign a contract), so the following are just examples of terms that have been out there, in order to give you an idea of what to expect. We always try to keep your costs and repayments as low as possible (it's also case dependent). Funders keep changing the rates and terms to keep up with economics and industry rates - so this is not a hard, set guideline - it is meant to give you general information so you can know what you are getting into, and you can push for fair terms.

Remember the below scenarios are only examples of what you might expect - this could be different depending on the details of your case.

=> For an funding on a settled case, a flat $2000-$2500 per $10,000 you seek - could go lower for higher requests, and terms may be different for amounts less than $10,000 requested. Funding can often be immediate - same day or in 24 hours of when the paperwork is in.

=> For a pre-settlement advance, maximum 10-15% of the amount to be funded, plus a variable fee (depending on how much you want advanced and how solid your case is - could be in the range of $500 plus or minus), and then a percentage rate compounded monthly until settlement is paid. May have minimum term of months to pay back.

=> Each case is looked at on a one by one basis. We can offer very low rates in certain cases, but the terms will be set with each case as it gets to our underwriters. You'll know before you have to decide to take the advance or not.

=> On particularly difficult to fund cases, the terms may be different and rates may be higher, so you need to decide if this process is worth it to you.

=> There may be some exceptions to the above scenarios, but we need to see your case in detail to know what we can absolutely quote you. Certain funders work with certain types of cases - we can't promise you one rate over another - we can only promise to try to keep it as low as possible. You will know as the process goes on, and before you sign any contract.

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