Are You Settling For Less Than You're Worth?

Lawsuits and insurance settlement awards - are you getting pressured to settle for less than what your case is worth?

We want the scales of justice to lean your way. We offer you time to fight your case.


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Are You Settling For Less Than You're Worth?

When you are involved in a lawsuit, everyone is looking out for his or her best interest - not necessarily yours. The attorney often wants his payment as soon as he can get it, and will settle for less if he can turn out more cases in less time. The opposing party always wants to pay as little as possible, and get the case over with.. You, on the other hand, may be looking at bills piling up, and can't afford to wait the time it takes to fight for the case worth, especially if your attorney isn't motivated to fight for you.

You should not have to settle for less - the attorneys and other party know that if they can make you hang on long enough, you will finally settle for a lesser amount, just to get some money. They figure that you will eventually give up and give in - they will be able to pay you less than you originally demanded, and they have been able to hold onto their money, gaining interest, the entire time of the wait.

You have options - you can take the lesser settlement, be done with the case, and move on with your life. Or you can borrow money from family or take out a loan against your home.

You can get advance funding on your pending lawsuit or insurance payment. This option has been available for years - family members have been loaning money to others with the promise of being paid back as soon as the case settles and pays. In the last decade or so, funders have stepped up and are advancing cash to people, putting a lien on the lawsuit settlement terms in order to be paid back. No money paid up front, it allows the client to wait for a larger amount, allows a client to receive proper medical attention while waiting for a case to settle, or to get ahead on bills, or to gain time and resources to properly fight for your rightful award.

The advantage to a lawsuit advance is that there is no long process, as in applying for a conventional bank loan. Your credit rating is not a factor, and the advance can get processed and in your hands within days. The application process is simple, and no up front payment is required, or should not be required (if it is, run!).

Look for a funding company that will work with you fast - not string you along for weeks. Look for low rates, not 15% or more - that is gouging and when you need money, you do not need to be taken advantage of. Make sure all terms are explained to you up front, so there are no surprises.

Advance lawsuit or insurance funding is an option that can help you get back on your feet - buy you the time you need to get your life, health and finances back in order. Don't settle for less just because you are being pressured - fight for your entitled amount.

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