CASES WE FUND ON include structured settlements or annuities, certain class action lawsuits, attorney loans, life insurance settlements, pre-settlement litigation, city, county and state settlements, foreign & domestic insurance company settlements, wrongful death, privately held mortgages and notes, auto accidents, product liability, medical malpractice, sexual harrassment, construction accidents, commercial litigation, and more.

Successful Cases Funded. We have funded on situations where someone needed a much desired anniversary vacation, where someone had immediate needs toward a relative who was very ill, where someone was in danger of eviction, and many auto accident cases. There are so many more situations, and we try to help everyone the best we can.

Examples of Terms - get an idea of what you can expect - these are examples that certain funders use, but your case may warrant something different - let us look it over and see what is best for you. This type of funding should be used as a last resort (although a bank loan may realistically be the last resort - settlement advances are much faster and easier than taking out a conventional bank-type loan). If your settlement is very large, and you want to use it for fun purposes, like a vacation trip, and it seems like only a dent to you of the total, then we won't try to talk you out of it - it's yours to do with as you wish. We just don't want people in need to get gouged or lose part of a settlement they are counting on.

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