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This is a misnomer - a pre-settlement advance is not a loan. It is an advance against your future settlement.

We want the scales of justice to lean your way. We offer you time to fight your case, by giving you the means to pay your bills while you work on your case.

Pre settlement lawsuit funding is much like a conventional bank loan, but not quite like a bank loan. You may be in need of money now to pay for bills and get your finances on track, but you may be waiting for a lawsuit to settle, or for an insurance company to pay you. We advance funds to clients, much like taking out a conventional bank loan, but simpler. You are not "borrowing" money - you are getting an advance on your future settlement which is your entitled money.


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If you have been waiting for an insurance company to pay you for a car accident or some other type of accident, or are involved in a lawsuit, and need money now while waiting, you may apply for advance funding which is easier than taking out a conventional bank loan, and faster than the bank loan process.

A pre-settlement advance will take the advanced funds plus fees out of the settlement at the time it is awarded, and will not take anything out prior to the settlement being paid. You do not have monthly payments to deal with, and no upfront fees. It is not borrowed money, but your entitled money that is coming to you in the future, directly out of your settlement. It is being advanced to you while you are waiting for your settlement.

Unlike a conventional bank loan, advance funding is at no risk to you. As an added benefit - if for some reason your case doesn't win (and your case will be scrutinized to make certain it is strong before being funded), you need not pay back the advance - this is called non recourse funding (all the risk is on the funder). If your lawsuit looks strong to win, that is the only "collateral" that is needed to back the funding advance. Your credit report and rating is not a factor in advancing you the funding - it does not set up an interest rate, or deny you funding (unless it shows you have a bankruptcy situation that might jeopardize your advance being paid back).

Your attorney must work with us. We need your attorney to furnish us with documentation and to sign forms. He needs to set up a lien on the settlement for us to be paid back on the advance. The settlement payment must be made to the attorney, not to you, to qualify.

If you need a pre-settlement advance, call 303-220-5679, Email, or fill out our secure funding application. We keep low rates (2-6%), fund you fast, and take nothing from you - only from your settlement

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