Personal injury lawsuit cases can take time to settle, or to pay once settled. There are many types of personal injury situations, and various degrees of certainty and proof in court. With such a wide variety of types, strength, proof, contestability, etc., often the lawsuit can drag out. In the same way, we can't promise all types of cases can be advanced in a 2-3 day frame, but we'll do our best given your case particulars to be fast to fund you.

The rate is case-dependent - if your personal injury case is extremely strong, we can offer lower rates. Many personal injury cases are somewhat risky, and the rate is adjusted for that risk factor.

Our personal injury funding services are as fast or faster than anyone, with a lower set of rates than many, and with high ethics. We let you know very quickly if your personal injury case looks good, and we'll work to advance you on your personal injury settlement as fast as possible.

Not all personal injury lawsuits are able to be funded - they are too uncertain in potential outcome, but we will look into your case and let you know if yours is solid or not, quickly. Then it will go into underwriting and be further scrutinized. We work with more types of personal injury cases than most, however, so you'll know we are fighting for you as much as possible.

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