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We want the scales of justice to lean your way. We offer you time to fight your case, by giving you the means to pay your bills while you work on your case.

Non Recourse Funding - Fast, No Risk to You
Non recourse advance funding allows you to receive an advance (if applicable) on your future lawsuit or insurance settlement payment. However, being non recourse, if your case does not win, you do not pay back the advance.


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Advance lawsuit funding is at no risk or obligation to you - funders assume all risk - it is known as non recourse funding. If your suit doesn't win, you don't pay us back. Your case is scrutinized for strength of winning. If it's strong, you'll get an offer. There is no risk to, and no up front payment. Advance Lawsuit Funding is only at risk to the funder. It is secured by your future settlement, if it wins.

No up front cost, easy application.

How to Apply for Advance Lawsuit Funding: Call Double ii's Services at 303-220-5679 - or Email (include name, phone number, and type of case) - or fill out our Secure Application.

Low industry rates, fast and easy application process, confidential.

Advance lawsuit funding (and insurance settlement funding) is an option to get you through a financial crisis.

Need more funds after a prior advance? Need surgery from your accident? Want a lower interest rate on a prior advance?

To apply, fill out our Secure Request Form.
Or call us toll free 303-220-5679. Or Email.
There is NO fee or obligation to apply.

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Advance Lawsuit Funding
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In Business since 1997, Advance Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance - we know our business.

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