If you are injured in an accident or are involved in some other type of lawsuit, you may be in need of money now, rather than having to wait until the lawsuit settles. You might look into lawsuit funding - in which you can be advanced money from your future settlement payment.

Lawsuit funding is an option for you if you are struggling with your finances while waiting for a lawsuit to pay out, or waiting for your insurance to pay. Lawsuit funding may be advanced for lawsuits that have settled but not yet paid out, or for lawsuits that are pending and not yet settled, or for insurance payments you are waiting for.

Lawsuit funding is a fast option - faster than getting a conventional bank loan - often paid in 1-5 days (depending on your case specifics); settled cases can often be advanced in 24 hours.

Lawsuit funding is immediately affordable - no money is required up front - the advance and the fees are paid back out of your settlement payment.

Lawsuit funding puts no monthly payment pressure on you. This is not a conventional loan. It is advance funding on which the collateral relies on your settlement payment.

Lawsuit funding is at no risk to you - if your case doesn't win, you do not have to pay anything back. The funder assumes all risk, and prior to giving an advance, due diligence is done to make sure your case is likely to win. This funding is called non-recourse - it is not paid back if your case doesn't win.

Lawsuit funding rates are more reasonable now. This may be competitive with a loan you might consider.

If you need an advance from your future lawsuit or insurance settlement payment, lawsuit funding may be an option for you - to give you peace of mind over your finances.

About The Author:
P. Roe is a funding agent who ethically helps people in need. Although concentrating on advancing funds for insurance and lawsuit payments, she does look at other funding options.
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