Need to Make Money to Spend on the Holidays?

Holiday time is tough for many people. Finding ways to pay for gifts and meals can stress people out, and spending more than you have is common. Credit card bills rack up, and savings accounts get dipped into. Wouldn't it be better to find other ways to get money that isn't going to require you to go into debt?

Holiday and after holiday bills can get out of control. Don't put a damper on your holiday by going into debt.

Do you have a skill, or have something you'd like to sell? You can sell your services, crafts, and handmade goods. You can sell goods on FaceBook Marketplace or in other such groups, on eBay, on Craig's List, on Twitter, on neighborhood apps, or in a range of free Internet options. You can advertise in newspapers or other such printed publications, but may not get back the amount you spend to advertise. If you have something to sell (whether it's something you own and wish to part with, or make things that others may be interested in), you can post in several places - but remember to take them down from all places you posted, once you have no more to sell.

If you sell something in person, make sure to meet in a public place, and be careful. Many scam artists are looking for opportunities to steal, commit fraud, and cause dangerous situations. Using eBay is less personal, and you need to factor in shipping. Shipping is a safer option, and if you can get the buyer to pay the cost, much better. If you ship, make sure to use a notification system that confirms a delivery is made. Many scams are rampant lately - from people stealing off porches, to buyers claiming no package came and expecting you to send another. I have a friend who drop ships her goods, and this is a common issue for her. By the way, print your postage online at then drop off your package on the counter, without having to stand in line.

Skills are trickier - you need to abide by rules of groups (some only let services be posted one day a week, for example). You should run this as a business, however, because once you advertise, you may be required to file taxes on your service. Getting paid "under the table" may get you into trouble.

Many stores need seasonal workers - check around, if you want to find a temporary job. You may even be able to prove yourself to be valuable enough to keep the job, or fit in with another area of the company. Consider the time spent to be a foot in the door, and be sure to get a reference.

Perhaps you are waiting for a lawsuit settlement (or even for your lawsuit to settle), or an automobile accident insurance settlement. You may qualify to get an advance on it, in a short period of time, if your situation qualifies. It's faster and less hassle than taking out a loan. There is no risk to you, either, as it's non-recourse funding. If your case doesn't win, you don't pay back the advance. We explain this further on our website.

You can also call your bank and ask what types of loan situations there are, that you can qualify for. Often your bank can set up a personal loan quickly, since you have a history with them. You must be sure you can work with the repayment schedule every month.

Here's to helping your holidays merrier - finding more money, getting out of debt, making ends meet, and enjoying your time without financial stresses.

We help people who are involved in lawsuit or insurance settlement situations. If the case is strong enough with criteria met, an advance can help people pay bills and get back on their feet. See more about the program at About The Author:
P. Roe is a funding agent who ethically helps people in need. Although concentrating on advancing funds for insurance and lawsuit payments, she does look at other funding options.
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