Funding Options - Need Cash Now From Your Lawsuit or Insurance Settlement?

We want the scales of justice to lean your way. We offer you time to fight your case, by giving you the means to pay your bills while you work on your case.


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Funding Options - Need Cash Now From Your Lawsuit or Insurance Settlement?

You may have been involved in an accident (auto, work, negligence, sports injury, etc.), gotten sick due to conditions you live or work in, or some other issue. You may be in a lawsuit over such, or be waiting for an insurance payment, but may need cash now to get over a hump in expenses (house payment, insurance payment, doctor appointment, surgery, food, etc.). If you need money now, while waiting for a lawsuit or insurance to settle, you can apply for an advance.

A lawsuit advance (or insurance payment advance) is a better option than getting a loan - it's faster, less hassle, non-recourse (you don't pay the advance back if your lawsuit doesn't win), and is paid back after the lawsuit or insurance settles, from that settlement. This type of advance is at no risk to you - the risk is on the funder.

The application process is easy - you aren't scrutinized for credit issues, for example. The application is much less hassle than a loan application. The lawsuit itself is scrutinized, to make certain it is strong enough to be a winning case. Our legal team looks at the lawsuit carefully to decide whether your case is too risky to advance funds to.

Once your case looks like it's strong enough to advance funds on, you can expect the money to be advanced quite quickly, often within days, and in some situations, it may be within a day or two (again, much better than waiting for a loan process). The timing begins after your paperwork is submitted. If there is more evidence that is needed (more medical examinations, for example), then the timing may take longer.

Once you get your funds, you may use them as you need to. This can get you over a stressful time in your finances. Having money can help you take time to make your case stronger, as well. If you need additional funding after your first advance, you may be able to ask the same funder for more, as your paperwork is already there.

Ask for what you know you need, and not significantly more than what you need. There is an accrual of interest rate added on as time goes forward while waiting for your lawsuit to settle. You should plan on this in the amount you ask for, to reflect for the funds as they come out of your settlement. Work with us to figure that out.

Not all states allow funding of types - exclusions apply and are listed on our website.

We have been in business since 1996, and have helped many people get advance funding.

About The Author:
P. Roe is a funding agent who ethically helps people in need. Although concentrating on advancing funds for insurance and lawsuit payments, she does look at other funding options.
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