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Advance funding available for various situations - do you need your entitled money NOW? Do you have a situation that you are waiting for and have money tied up in it? Perhaps you have an inheritance but need money from it now? Perhaps you need to get over a financial hump and need to dip into your life insurance policy, or have a note interest in property or a business?

Do you have a structured settlement, an annuity, or lottery winnings but need funding now and an advance would help? Call 303-220-5679.

If you are involved in a lawsuit, settled or not yet settled, you may be in need of the funds immediately (to make a house payment, pay a credit card bill, bring your home out of foreclosure, etc.). Many people are injured and can no longer work while trying to recover from an accident. You may need advance funding now, if you are unable to wait until your case pays you. If you are in this situation, we'll try to advance money for you. Call 303-220-5679.

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Cash for Settlements, Deferred Payments, Other Assets. Do You Need CASH NOW? Are you waiting for your lawsuit money to come in (or for the lawsuit to settle), but have bills to pay in the meantime? Are you waiting for funds to be dispersed from other future assets, but need the money now?

Advance Funding may be available for your legal/insurance settlements and pre-settlements (and other assets such as pensions, winnings, notes, annuities and structured settlements) - according to the below requirements and conditions. If you are wanting your settlements paid now, or are have a settlement coming but need money right away, see what Double ii's Services can do for you. Fill out our secure funding request form. More financing options here.

Attorneys - if you have a client in need, and are prohibited from advancing them money, we may be able to help (call 303-220-5679 or Email ). If you need a loan, go here..

We are among the fastest in advance funding on cases that are doable. We are ethical, trustworthy, and care.

  • Certain funding can be arranged in as little as 24-48 hours - mainly settled cases (pre-settled less likely to be that fast but can sometimes)
  • No up-front fees paid (unless you wish) - pay fees at time of settlement.
  • Payment can, in many cases, be made within 2-5 days. Usual turn-around is a little longer. Some situations are quite longer (annuities, lotteries and structured settlements, for example, are longer due to court time, and complicated or too-new cases need more time for due diligence.) Timing is dependent on cooperation of attorney, whether all papers and forms are easy to access, how much medical or other proof of damages is available, and any court constraints.
  • Timing begins once the paperwork is in to us, and then it's usually in underwriting for 2-5 days, depending on how complete or straightforward it is.
  • Fast, ethical, and caring. We'll try to keep fees as low as we can. If your case advance request is denied, we'll have to look at higher fee options, if you are still interested. Not all cases are as "airtight" as we would like to believe, and certain funders work with certain types of cases or risk factors.
  • Partial or total purchase of settlement or asset as described below (no lawsuit settlement can be purchased in full):
    • Personal injury cases, auto accidents
    • Legal settlements won and awaiting payment
    • Structured settlements or annuities - paying out monthly - but you want a lump sum
    • Certain class-action lawsuits
    • Loans to attorneys for cases won (not loans to clients to pay for legal services)
    • Life settlements (life insurance) - seniors who want to sell their policies
    • Certain pre-settlement litigation funding, non-recourse
    • Other assets you want to sell? Lottery winnings, inheritances, pensions, property, etc.
  • Certain types of pre-settlement litigation cases can be funded while awaiting trial - non recourse
  • Do you know someone who can use our services? Refer this site to a friend
  • See our restrictions and payment fee options to funding requests. There are minimum conditions and amounts that need to be met in order to fund on your situation.
  • Call 303-220-5679, or Email your situation. Read the program restrictions and requirements below FIRST.
  • Fill out our funding request form.
  • How the funding process works.
  • If you are in need of a prayer, just Email.
When we take on your case, we work with you to make it pay - if the case is "doable" - we will get it done as fast as we can. We are ethical, and we stand behind our quotes (pending approval of the paperwork and situation being legitimate to do) - we don't give phony quotes just to get your business, as is known to happen. And we fund your situation within a reasonable time, barring delay by attorneys and courts. We want your trust.

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Easy application process, quick response, NO up-front fee or obligation to apply. Evaluation and funding arranged in as little as 24-72 hours, with closing possible within 1-5 days - for certain cases - usually 1-2 weeks (or longer in certain cases). We have heart (and we say prayers for you - as many are suffering and out of work), and try to help as much as possible with your situation.

Not all situations are "doable" - Social Security, many workman's comp, many slip & fall, soft tissue injury, and cases won on individuals sued - normally we cannot work with these (and payer of settlement needs to be an insurance company, a municipality, a government entity, a large company or such). Read the restrictions to funding requests. Fill out our secure funding request.

There is NO fee or obligation to apply. Call 303-220-5679, fill out our secure funding form, or email your situation and we'll start to work with you.

If you have won a litigation settlement (defendent or attorney) and are waiting for payments, we may be able to help you get your money sooner. If you are in a lawsuit awaiting trial, with a good chance to win, we offer pre-settlement funding to keep you on your feet while waiting (and can help you with making your case stronger). If you have a life settlement (life insurance policy) to sell in full or part, we may be able to purchase it.

We try to find ways for you to get the money you need, as long as you qualify. Or get you YOUR money that is being held back. If you are involved in any of the below situations, we may be able to help you. If you have other financing concerns, see the resources on the left for help. Rest assured - if we can find a way to help you, we will. Find out your options, so you can decide. Don't wait until you are in deep trouble before seeing what your options are - working in a tight time-frame can make things more difficult.


Additional Personal Funding and Credit Assistance, Business Financing, etc. - on the left.

More types of funding and finance here.

If you are a senior or are terminally ill, we may be able to purchase your life insurance (settlement) policy so you can have money now while you are alive to use it.

For settlements, our resource has funded settlements and shown better ways to fight the case in which the settlements were higher. Pre-settlement funding is a good option if you need money while waiting for trial - as long as your case looks like it should win. Our legal team looks the case over for strength in order to fund it (you can use the funds to build your case to be stronger). If you have won a settlement, and are awaiting the payment of funds, we can advance you the settlement in many cases if it is allowed. The settlement situation needs to be transferable and allowed, and against some sort of "secure" entity that will pay - a government agency, a municipality, an insurance company, or some like organization with equity and strength to make the payments. We cannot fund on individuals who are to pay out - they often never make payment. ***Because we carry all the risk on pre-settlement funding (if you don't win the settlement, you don't pay it back), it can be an expensive option - ask only for what you "need" - not for what you "want."

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About Us - we are NOT part of the "cash flow industry" program. Our funders have been built up independently since 1996, and are ethical and fast compared to many.