Concussions occur when the brain is jostled by a blow, a fall, a car accident, or by some other way the head may get jerked around. This can cause bruising, or affect the brain in various ways. Sometimes it's not easy to tell if one has a concussion, though often there may be blurred vision, headache, confusion, or even passing out. My daughter suffered concussions as a figure skater - we can only hope that there won't be future issues (the coaches were aware to keep skaters off the ice until recovered, even if for days).

NFL players are notoriously apt to get concussions - over and over. Even with a helmet, the brain is jostled around the head, hitting the skull. Repetitive concussions become more dangerous - it may affect memory, speech, or even bring constant headache. Once there is a concussion, care should be taken to let the brain rest and heal - no more being put back in the game. Only more recently has the awareness of concussion damage become prevalent in pro football, with added precautions taken after a hit. This was not the case in past years - a player would be put back in the game before proper healing was required. Thus, more damage to the brain would have been done. NFL players have some of the highest rates of concussion injuries - the physical aspects of the game are plenty dangerous.

I have a friend who was a pro football linebacker. He is now suffering from the concussions he's had in playing football. He only remembers 4 or 5 concussions in all his years in the NFL, though it's likely there were more that weren't properly flagged as concussions. It's not easy getting through days with headaches, or having trouble learning or retaining information. He has even more issues, from the repetitive concussions. He says his head hurts so badly every day.

For football players, there is the option of getting an advance on a pending or settled lawsuit concerning the concussions. If money is needed sooner than a lawsuit will award, then an advance against the lawsuit may be the answer. Not all states allow funding of types - exclusions apply and are listed on our website.

Pro football players have endured concussions through their sport, making life more difficult after leaving the game, or even while in it. If money is needed while waiting for a concussion related lawsuit to settle or pay, an advance may be the answer.

We have been in business since 1996, and have helped many people get advance funding.

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