If you are involved in a class action lawsuit, and need money before it's settled, we may be able to help get you funds early. The case must be very strong, and further in process. We can look at it and see if there is potential for an advance.

Low Fees - Low Requests ($1000 ok)

Apply Here or call 303-220-5679

We are - Ethical - Honest - Caring - Credible - Fast - Responsive

Our rates are competitively low. We get right back to you and work hard to get you funded as fast as possible - we work directly with funders who are not inundated - we work fast for you.

Up to maximum of 10% of your net settlement can be advanced to you.

We advance funds on many class action lawsuits. Not all are "do-able" but we can look yours over to see if it qualifies. Please fill out the Secure Class Action Lawsuit Funding Request Form. and we'll look into it immediately.

You may be in a lawsuit that is not considered class action - if you need an advance on a different type of lawsuit, fill out the above form, as well (but select the correct form for your situation). We can advance on many types of lawsuits.

Class action lawsuits can drag out over time, and it gets tough to stay financially afloat. Get your deserved money now in the form of an advance, if you truly need it. You should not have to suffer more than what you are already going through.

We are ethical, fast (as long as the rest of the process goes quickly, and the lawsuit is verifiable), and offer competitive and reasonable rates. We care, and try hard to help.

To Apply - Call 303-220-5679, or Email , or fill out our Secure Class Action Lawsuit Funding Request Form.