There is a lot of money to be made when selling at auctions - and there are lots of deals when buying at auctions. People can get addicted to buying and selling at auctions. You can find antiques, and stuff from the past. You can find the newest things available, new inventions, hard to find items. You can find new and used items. You can sell stuff you want to get rid of, but can't bear to donate because there is more value than you can get from donating - or it's a sentimental item and you want to know a bit more about the person who is buying it. You can introduce your own inventions at an auction - it may cost less than trying to stock and sell at a storefront.

Use good discretion when you buy at online auctions - you should look up the history of the seller to see if there have been any problems. Many people have been scammed in online and offline auctions - so look for signs of integrity and trust. Find out more on how to run your own auctions for profit, or how to buy at rock bottom prices. If you are just looking to unload goods you are tired of, you may want to sell low, to deplete your inventory quickly. Figure out your minimum price and think out the whole process before getting started. Don't get caught in a situation where you lose so much money it wasn't worth it (such as what often happens in estate auctions - find out before signing the papers - it's not always a good option).

Estate Auction - we hired a company to run the auction of our mother's home, after she passed. We left strict instructions on not going into the floor opening under the rug. We were told her estate would bring in perhaps $10,000, which would have been reasonable considering the new furniture and things she'd recently gotten.

When it was done, we went back into the house, and found they had taken all the things we had put away under the floor opening (my sister had wanted the entire Christmas Village that had been collecting for years). After they came to settle with us, they gave me a check for about $1200 - for the whole houseful of things! We realized we'd been ripped off - don't let this happen to you. Take all precautions and get references!

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