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Are you needing to pay bills while waiting for payment for your attorney services? Many attorneys are waiting for cases to settle and pay before they can get paid, but meanwhile there are bills and overhead to pay. We offer options that can help - Attorney Loans and Advance Funding for Your Clients. No up front fee application, with certain types of funding able to close within days - some cases in 24 hours. Fast, fair, ethical.
If you have clients who need an advance while waiting for their settlements to pay, we can help if the case qualifies.

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Attorney Loans

Do You Need Cash Now? If you are an attorney waiting for your settlement payment on cases you have won, we may be able to work out a loan or advance for you so you can meet your other bill payments.

We know how difficult it is for an attorney or lawfirm to pay the rent, the utilities, the staff, and other overhead for your attorney/lawyer business. Litigation takes time and your lawfirm business may need a funding advance now. We can help you get an attorney loan for your cases won and awaiting payment. If you have lawsuit cases not yet settled, but need advance funding on them, you can put up other cases toward its advance. The more cases you can put up (and perhaps the more of a variety of cases), the more favorable your rates would be.

Easy application process, quick response, no obligation. Evaluation and funding may be arranged in as little as 24 hours, with closing possible within days, depending on your situation (timing could take longer). We have heart and try to help as much as possible with your situation. We know how tough it is for an attorney in his/her own business, or a lawfirm, to pay the bills while waiting for lawsuit settlements to be paid out.

There is NO up front fee or obligation to apply. Email or call 303-220-5679 for more information and forms. We'll fax or snail mail the forms to you, or even fill it out over the phone for certain loans. Certain attorney funding can be arranged in as little as 24 hours.

Advance Funding for Attorney Clients

Pre-Settlement Funding: Non-recourse funding for clients based on a pending case, which is certain to win. Your client may be in dire need of money, and this offers a chance to help the client to get by, with an advance from his or her pending lawsuit.

Settlement Advance Funding: If your client has a settled case, by trial or by agreement by parties, subject to restrictions or other factors, we can offer an advance on the upcoming payment. Insurance companies often have up to 6 months to pay, and your client may have pressing financial needs now.

As an added value attorney service to offer your clients: we can fund your clients when they need an advance, if their cases qualify. You may have the client contact us, or look over the forms yourself to help them get started. If you are an attorney, call 303-220-5679 or email for forms - include your fax, email address or mailing address, with name. There are certain restrictions to settlement and pre-settlement funding - see the Restrictions & Terms.

Double ii's Services
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