Get your cash now for future structured settlement or annuity payments.

You may have a lawsuit or insurance settlement that is paying out installments - may be monthly, or yearly, or every few years (worst type) - this is a structured settlement. You might have an interest bearing investment or an award paying out in installments - and this may be an annuity. If you are in need of the funds tied up in either annuity or structured settlement, we may be able to purchase all or a portion of your annuity or structured settlement - sell off what you want,

If you wish to sell a portion of or all of your structured settlement or annuity, we can give you a quote for the purchase of its future value. Future dollars are discounted, and are not worth the same as "today's" dollars. You will lose some perceived value of the structured settlement or annuity when you sell. There is no obligation or fee for a quote. We work to get you top dollar for the purchase of your portion of the structured settlement or annuity.

Some types of annuities or structured settlements cannot be purchased - there are certain types of future cases that may be a problem to sell, and some terms may not able to be negotiated. The settlement or annuity must be transferable in order for you to sell it or a portion of it. It should not be very far out in the future - 10 years and up is tougher to purchase at any decent value, if at all. We'll take a look at what you have, but cannot ethically make an offer on "every" type of annuity or structured settlement. Yours is hopefully one we can work with.

We need to submit each request for a quote, on a case by case basis. Each situation is different. We cannot give a ballpark quote without knowing more details about your annuity or structured settlement.

In general, annuities and structured settlement purchases take longer to fund, due to "red tape" and court constraints. We can do this as fast as anyone else, but not in a 1-5 day time frame (and don't believe it if someone does promise you funding that fast, unless they are taking a personal risk and forego the court process).

For an immediate quote to sell your annuity or structured settlement, fill out our secure request form. Or call us at 303-220-5679, or Email