Perhaps you are waiting for money from a lawsuit, or insurance, or other future payment, and need money now. You have an option to get an advance on your future payment, rather than having to wait until it can pay you. If waiting for a settlement to pay, a lawsuit or insurance settlement advance gives you an option for getting cash now when you need it.

Advance funding is an option you might want to check into if you are strapped for cash and are waiting for a lawsuit or insurance payment to pay. If you've been in an auto accident, or need your lawsuit settlement payment now - advance funding is available for these types of cases, if yours qualifies.

Our Advance Funding is easy, fast, and secure. We offer low rates, no up front or monthly payments to be made, and can pay you in as little as 1-5 days.

Advance funding can "buy you time" to push for a higher settlement, and not to be pressured into taking less, just because you need money now. With an advance, you can take more time to fight for your full entitled amount, and keep up with your bills. When bills are due, and you need to wait for your lawsuit or insurance settlement payment, you may feel pressured to settle faster, for less. Advance funding can also help you pay for a medical treatment.

Advance funding can help you get through a financial crisis, after which you should get time to recover (be able to work again, find a job, be closer to getting your entire settlement amount, gain an upper hand in negotiations by not being desperate, etc.). You may need money now to make a house payment, pay a credit card bill, bring your home out of foreclosure, allow needed surgery, etc. Receive advance funding on your pending lawsuit or insurance case, and worry less.

We are among the fastest in advance funding on lawsuits and insurance cases (for those cases we can fund on). We are ethical, trustworthy, and care. We use ethical funders. When we take on your case, we work with you to get your advance funding now - if the case is accepted - we will get it done as fast as we can. We stand behind our quotes (pending approval of the paperwork and situation being legitimate to do) - we don't give phony quotes just to get your business, as is known to happen in the industry. And we fund your situation within a reasonable time, barring delay by attorneys and courts. We want your trust.

We advance money for you on your settled lawsuits and pre-settlement lawsuits, if your situation qualifies (and your attorney cooperates).

About The Author:
P. Roe is a funding agent who ethically helps people in need. Although concentrating on advancing funds for insurance and lawsuit payments, she does look at other funding options.
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For an advance on your insurance payment, fill out our secure request form, or call us at 303-220-5679, or email.

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