Advance Lawsuit & Insurance Settlement Funding - Fast & Easy Process, No Risk, Low Fees

About our business:

We care - Double ii's Services is concerned with our clients and do our best to make sure we help as much as we can, while making sure we don't unnecessarily waste anyone's time.

Double ii's Services began in 1996 offering needed services to others, and found its niche in funding services in 1997, when an attorney asked us to work with their company, and personally trained us in the field. We do refer other resources that bring savings to people, but financial services are our main and priority focus. We work directly with attorneys and funders, and have trained with highly respected and ethical attorneys, companies and funders. We have high standards from our funders - if we don't see results that are good, we don't do any more business with them. We work with funders who are ethical, fast, and keep rates low compared to industry standards. We care about helping you.

No solicitations will be listened to at this business number - please keep calls to the topic. We don't reply to or purchase anything from advertisers who solicit us.

NO funding in CO (unless large case award, with a minimum advance of $75K), MD, NC, AK, KY or IL, and other states as they may decide, or on certain type cases - please check our Restrictions.

FYI - we are NOT one of those "cash-flow" TV infomercial companies - we never trained with them or looked into their program - we trained directly with funders and attorneys and built this business up using ONLY credible and ethical funding resources (not via any type of program). We do not stand in line for weeks waiting for our cases to be reviewed by all-too-busy funders. We have a personal relationship with both funders and clients. We work with attorneys and funders who have been in the business for awhile, and who have the resources to work quickly without getting bogged down. Not many advance settlement funding companies have been around since 1997, which is when we started the funding business.

Advance lawsuit funding is an old concept - people have lent relatives and friends money to help them get by until a lawsuit or insurance settlement pays - and then the relative or friend would be paid back. Now anyone who qualifies can get an advance from funders - making it less personal, causing less stress on relationships, and allowing those without the option of friends or family (with money to spare) to get the monetary help they need. This type of advance has only been available since the 90's - once court constraints were figured out in how to handle an advance. Early on, there were many instances of funders getting hit with cases that didn't pay back - and that put several out of business. The advance process is more streamlined now, more secure, and faster. A pre settlement advance is similar to a conventional bank loan, but not really like a bank loan - read about the difference here.

We are fast - we check into your case right away, and we let you know if it looks doable or not on the surface. If we can work with it, we'll be able to fund most settled cases in as little as 24 hours (barring complications or lack of action on your attorney's part), except in certain cases like structured settlements - these take longer. Pre-settlement cases can be funded in as little as 48 hours in many cases, and car insurance cases are often funded immediately - same day or within 24 hours if very straightforward.

We keep rates low - we work with lower rates than most out there - not gouging anyone in commissions. We know people in need of money do not need to pay out more money than necessary. We take lower commissions in order to bring better offers to you.

We follow through - we put our money where our mouth is - if we quote you - you can be assured we follow through (as long as you have represented your situation to us correctly - and as long as unforeseen circumstances don't happen - for example: war, or funders pulling out, or if you take too long to decide on our quote, or providing us with misleading information, etc.), in the shortest time frame allowable in our control (not counting delays by attorneys, courts, or in getting your paperwork). We reserve the right to change the preliminary quote (we try not to give any quote prior to getting in your paperwork) once we see your paperwork - there might be a higher risk factor in getting the funder paid back, or you may be involved in a bankruptcy (or other credit situation) that may have a lien requirement in front of our funder's lien, etc. Once we get a contract back from an offer we make, you'll be paid as soon as possible - wired immediately or overnighted - you may have to pick up the charge for faster delivery.

We are innovative. We try to find new ways to do things, new offers to make, or new types of cases to take on. We're always trying to stay ahead in helping our clients. Email for more information.

Low competitive lawsuit funding industry rates - as your case qualifies - car accidents on the lower end, medical malpractice in the middle, higher end for more risky cases or ones that will pay out far into the future. No firm quotes without your case information - the rates are all case dependent.


"I will recommend your service to every one that will listen." - TG

"You are the best! I would not think twice about referring anyone to Doubleii!" - LL

"I do want you to work on it. No problem and if i never see you again, thank you for being so helpful." CG

"Even if it does not go thru, I could have never gotten this chance if it had not been for you and all your hard work... And again, I can't begin to thank you enough for all you have tried and have done for me. I am grateful. ...If you can, whisper a small prayer for me. (after funding) God bless, and thank you.... I was so very thankful for any help, any at all. I still say it all started with the road to you, and trickled down from there. I send a thousand thanks to you and yours, and hope God blesses you a thousand fold for all I know about, and even more that I don't know that you did do for me...Again, please express my deepest, heartfelt thanks to ...ALL... and for you my kindest friend. For all the people you have helped you don't even know about. All this sure gave my lagging spirit a needed boost. Thank you" - DW

"Thank you for your prayer." - BR

We'll work with you and for you in getting you the funding you need, as long as your case warrants.

We'll offer prayers of support and healing, if that will be of comfort. Know that we CARE.

Apply here. or call 303-220-5679 - No solicitations will be listened to at this business number - please keep calls to the topic. We don't reply to or purchase anything from advertisers or marketers who solicit us.

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