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Do You Need Your Lawsuit or Auto Insurance Settlement Money Now to Get Over a Financial Crisis?

Are you waiting for money from a lawsuit or insurance settlement (settled or in process)?
A lawsuit advance can help you with your finances now - after all, it's your money that you are entitled to in the future.

U.S. ONLY - we cannot fund in any other country.
NO Social Security cases
NO Workman's Comp
- certain other states can be difficult as well.

What you should know before applying for Funding

Call risk-free 303-220-5679, or
Fill out our Application to see if you qualify for a lawsuit advance, or
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A Lawsuit Advance can help you with your cash needs and take the financial stress off of you:

Fast - as little as in 24 hours in certain cases. Faster and easier than a loan process
Easy, confidential application
No risk to you (non-recourse)- if you don't win the lawsuit, you don't have to pay us back
No up-front fees - nothing out of your pocket; fees are taken out from the settlement
No monthly payment
Low rates
Does not depend on your credit situation (unless in bankruptcy)
Structured Settlement advances are available - although they take more time to process through the courts.

IF your case qualifies - click to see initial criteria

Apply here. or call 303-220-5679 - No solicitations will be listened to at this business number - please keep calls to the topic. We don't reply to or purchase anything from advertisers or marketers who solicit us.

A lawsuit advance is much faster than a getting a loan (certain cases close in as little as 24 hours), with less hassle, less red tape, less paperwork, and no monthly or up-front payments. Confidential, ethical. We work on your case immediately.

Why wait when you need your lawsuit (either pending - pre settlement - or settled) or insurance money NOW - and it's rightfully yours (or will be in the future)? A lawsuit advance or insurance settlement advance can help you get financially back on your feet - fast, and with comparatively low rates. Don't be pressured to settle your case for less (if you are in dire need of money for bills or something else) - receive a lawsuit advance and buy time to fight for your full entitled amount.

Fast funding for you - find out more about the lawsuit advance funding process - you can receive your money in as fast as 24 hours in certain cases. Normally in 1-5 days depending on your situation and type of case.

We are ethical - attorneys scrutinize the entire lawsuit advance funding process.

Find More Funding Options in the left column.

Funding via a Lawsuit Advance is a faster and easier process than getting a loan. It is not a "lawsuit loan" - but funding similar to a loan, secured by your future settlement, thus termed an advance. Unlike a loan - no up-front fees, no monthly payments, less scrutinization, less red tape, no credit requirements, and much faster. Bad credit not an issue (unless in bankruptcy, for example).

No risk or obligation to you to apply - non recourse lawsuit advance funding (if your case doesn't win - you don't pay us back). If you change your mind about the funding advance or contract prior to signing for it, it's ok. No obligation to apply or accept.

Bad Credit - no problem - unless you are involved in a bankruptcy (in which case your settlement may be frozen from being paid back or awarded to you).

No up-front fees required - fees are taken out at the time of your settlement.

No monthly payments - your entire lawsuit advance pay-back happens at the time you receive your settlement.

Low lawsuit advance funding industry rates - auto accidents lower, medical malpractice mid-range, riskier cases on high end or not at all.

Fast and easy application process, confidential and secure. Lawsuit Advance Funding as fast as in 24 hours.

Have you had a car accident? Do you need medical attention or surgery but haven't the money to pay for it? A lawsuit funding advance can help.

How to Apply for a Lawsuit Advance or Insurance Advance: Call Double ii's Services at 303-220-5679 - or Email (include name, phone number, and type of case) - or fill out our Secure Application.

We Fund on Many Types of Lawsuits - click here to see.

Quick Response - our funders are not inundated with applications (streamlined process) - they work quickly to get you your settlement money - you are handled with urgency.

Innovative, Caring.

High cash requests OK - as high as your case warrants, some requests as low as $500, usually $1000 minimum.

Pre-settled lawsuits - usually up to 10% of your net case value can be advanced.

In Business since 1997, Double ii's Services Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance - we know our business.

Email or call 303-220-5679.

Get more informed about your lawsuit funding advance, and make sure your case is in compliance (for example, we cannot work with social security or cases in some states - sorry) by reading our terms & restrictions. You'll be more comfortable with the lawsuit advance funding process. Or we'll talk you through it.

Read the Pro's and Con's of Lawsuit Advance Funding.

Lawsuit advance and insurance settlement advance funding is an option to get you through a financial crisis.

Need more funds after a prior lawsuit advance? Need surgery from your accident? Want a lower interest rate on prior lawsuit funding?

Attorneys - if you have a client in need, and are prohibited from advancing him money on his lawsuit, we'll try to help (call 303-220-5679, or Email ). If you need a loan, click here.

To apply, fill out our Secure Request Form.
Or call us 303-220-5679. Or Email.
More financing options here.

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SECURE FUNDING APPLICATION FORMS - Confidential - fill out the form or call us at 303-220-5679, or Email.

See our Restrictions Funding is only possible if payment of settlement is made to your attorney. You must have an attorney to receive a lawsuit advance.

Online Applications below (see the best fit for your case needs) - fill out only as much information as you are comfortable with, or what applies to your case:

Settled lawsuits asking $10,000 advanced or more.
Settled lawsuits asking for less than $10,000 advance.
Annuities and structured settlements.
Pre settled lawsuits - lawsuits in progress.
Want a lower interest rate on a prior advance?
Request for funding for a surgery.
Auto accident or insurance cases.
Attorney loans.
Application for quotes for inheritance, lottery or other situations not above.

Printable mail in or fax form.
You may opt to call us at 303-220-5679 - or Email - include name, phone number (with AREA CODE, not zip code), and type of case. Please speak your name clearly and spell it so we can call you back (some people speak the name unclearly and we can't call back to ask for the correct person).

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